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Read and believe...

Manila Ocean Park

The family and I went to Manila Ocean Park last Sunday. It was one of my eldest's "dreams".. and so as the devoted mother that I am, I gave in to this request.

Here are some of our pictures:

It was fun and was well worth the money. It's 400 for adults and 350 for children. Our little Migsy was exempted 'cause he's below 1 year old and the hubby had a 10% discount 'cause his driver's license shows him as a Manila resident.

As soon as we arrived, the hubby worried that we might get hungry inside. It was early so most of the shops are still closed but Smokey's was about to open. They didn't have anything else but a Jumbo Hotdog Sandwich. And it was nowehere near tasty. Ketchup was a measly red sauce that didn't taste anything like ketchup. You know, those cheap versions they put on the Buy 1 Take 1 burgers? Exactly. But as they say, beggars can't be choosers.

What we saw inside was fascinating. It was nice to see how rich our Philippine waters (yes, 90% of the fishes are from the Philippines) are and that we should really think about its future. Its so sad that right next to MOP is a bay of seawater and garbage.

There were "stages" of the sea inside. And they showcase what we see at what parts of the ocean. We liked the sharks and the mantle rays. And when we rode the Glass Bottom Boat (150php per head), the boatman told us that these sharks and rays are very friendly and are being hand-fed. Here's a picture of a diver feeding them. (Food rations are at 11:00AM and 4:30PM)

Juju on pic... and diver on the background feeding the fishes

To end this entry, here's a pic of my Juju looking very satisfied of this trip :)

Copyright radiantbrown 2008.
I haven't been writing lately. Maybe because of the fact that I have been too busy with work and being a mom. Now my mind's overflowing with ideas on what to write about, that I don't even know where to start.

Let me talk about work. What have I been busy with lately? And how has this affected me and my family.

I'm working at home for a US Real Estate company who outsourced its services from the Philippines, Argentina, Peru and India. Yes, I'm one the lucky ones who don't leave the house, take MRT rides and burn money for "lunch" food. Plus, the fact this job has been the best financially. So I can't complain. I mean, people at work may be cranky and all, but if this pays the bills and buys my baby's milk.. then I'm all for it.

So what exactly do I do?

I am an assistant to the company's CEO. Officially an "alalay"! I schedule meetings, interviews, book flights, pay for bills, look for jetskis, etc. All done virtually.

It gets lonely and quiet at times but at least I get to see my babies sleeping in the same room right? Oh the perks!

Envy me while I go prep for my eldest son's VTR!!! bwahahahaha!!!


Copyright radiantbrown 2008.

A make-up letter...

A lot has happened.. events, situations, trials, hardships, laughter, tears, heartaches, heartbreaks.. We went through all of these. And we survived it all! The whole nine yards.. years for us!

What's good about our relationship is, even if we have so many differences, our love for each other binds it all. And the many times I feel insecure about myself and my marriage, my hubby would pick up all the shattered pieces of my mess and save the day. He does, even if he doesn't look like it, make me feel secure in more ways than one. So for this year, I wanted to write you a letter dear hubby, and let the whole world (web world, that is) read it.

Dearest Hubby,

Thank you for the 9 wonderful years you've spent with me. Wonderful in spite and despite of everything we've been through. And no matter how many times I tell you that I'm not happy.. Please know that these are just words.. words I use to hurt you at times. But what I truly feel is that I am lucky and blessed that I found you.

Cheers to a hundred more years with you!

I love you with all of me.



Copyright radiantbrown 2008.


Just this weekend, I got accepted yet again for another homebased job. Pays more than what I currently have and I'm really excited. Thing is, I can't afford to take care of the little one if he decides to cry and feed at night. We can't have his usual early morning crying sessions 'cause I have to be real alert.

The hubby is now talking about moving back in with the inlaws. He saw the difference of how our lives were. The question is, do we always go where it is more convenient? Do we discriminate on people who give us more than less? I hate to admit if this is so. I wasn't raised to be one.
Copyright radiantbrown 2008.

I gave in...

I remember how I felt that day, but only vaguely. It wasn't as clear as when I did last year. Maybe because I've learned to forgive.

This is what I say to myself, now that I have found a new and better life with the inlaws. Indeed, there are ways on how one can heal.. through time. All the hurt and the pain of that incident were almost just a glimpse of a soon to be forgotten past.

Let me refresh my memory.. not that it would turn around the events.

I have been a very understanding piece since I came to realize that there is no other way but this. With all the insults and the trash talk, I endured all of these. Even when the most important part of my whole being was the pride I so truly protect. This was because of love. Love for the man, I never, in my wildest dreams, realize, was the one for me after all. So this was my fate.

Years and years I compromised. Years of wanting to get away from all the "evil" that lurks, from all the madness. I knew it was impossible. If I had the strength to leave, maybe I would've. But I didn't. And I'm glad.

But there comes a time when we realize our being human. We get saturated. By thoughts, frustrations, failures. Overwhelming the depth of our personality. Then it hits. Just like a thunderstorm. No warning. It just does. And then it'll be too late. It'll leave us wishing we were in a different situation, that things didn't happen the way it did.

My point, just like the title said. I gave in. I gave in to what I thought was outrageous. I have forgiven.
Copyright radiantbrown 2008.

The Makings of A Nomad

Since the hubby and I married, we transfered from 2 houses almost yearly or even twice a year. I guess there are escapists from both my end and the hubby's. If I find something wrong with my family (which is not so hard to do), I'd decide to move out and go to the inlaws. Now if the hubby finds something wrong with his side, we move back again. So its been like pingpong ever since.

I know what you're probably thinking.. the problem is us. I know, I know. I'm mature enough to admit. I just wish that things were different and that we didn't have families living with us anymore, that we live on our own. Its bad enough we have to live with each other considering our differences, now try to multiply the attitude by 10. So its a disaster, ya?

Now that things are not so good at home, I desperately want to go back to the inlaws. But things are different now. We can't just go back like that. There were things that were said and done and no matter how we try to put things back together, there's still something there. And having a homebased job like mine, I can't just transfer to a house without internet and that I'll rely on my prepaid broadband (wifi, that is). Not good.

I hate that we don't have a house we could call our own. Not even a rental. The hubby and I have been married for 6 years and we don't have anything, except for some few things. I hate that things are the way they are. He's an only child and not being able to take care of his 'rents is killing him, I know. I, too, am an only girl which means I have responsibilities to my parents which only a daughter can do.

If things were different, we would have a place we can call our own.

Let time tell when.
Copyright radiantbrown 2008.

A short review... Twilight

The past few days weren't quite good. At least not for me. There's some form of light now though. But I'm still not counting on full recovery.

What made me sane? I bought the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. And I'm on my 3rd now. It unleashes the hopeless romantic in me. And for whatever personal reason it may be, I envy the heroine. I cried most of the time while reading it. And yes, for me, it's a good book.

More posts later...
Copyright radiantbrown 2008.

You can't have it all...

Just when you thought you've got everything covered, something comes up to ruin your day. Well, in my case, yesterday hasn't ended yet. I haven't slept, since I follow both Manila time and Missouri time. Me and my flexi schedule.

You see, I hold my office right in the comforts of our bedroom. When everyone is asleep, I'm the only one awake. This plus the fact that I play mom to my 2 adorable boys (make that 3, the eldest being the hubby). Then come morning. I'm super tired because the boss and I had to call about 50 people on our credit repair list and follow up on them. I went down only because I wanted the "kuya" to have breakfast. Wrong decision. This prompted the mother to pick on me. I don't know if she was feeling lonely, disappointed, or whatever. But I was there. So I was target.

Bulls eye!

She hit me right on the spot. I went up my room crying and picking on everyone else I see, including the hubby. Who by the way, also owes me something. He knows it. Its been long due. And all I get are empty promises WHICH I TOTALLY HATE. So much for education and a chance at a regular job.

I felt as if I couldn't rely on anyone. I still do.

Frustrations.. I has it.
Copyright radiantbrown 2008.

Ode to Loving Wives and Mothers

This has been long due. But its worth my time and effort to write about it. For all the wives in the world.

A few weeks ago, we were at my in-laws. One of the neighbors were my mother-in-law's close friend. She became pregnant 2 months earlier than I. Then last December she died while giving birth. My mother-in-law was with her the whole time. She took care of the funeral and almost adopted the neighbor's baby. The husband of this neighbor was in the Middle East working as a nurse. They didn't have enough money during the time of the wake and the funeral, so my mother-in-law lent them, with the promise that the husband will pay when he returns.

7 months passed. The husband came back from the Middle East for a month vacation. And for the child's "Handog" (baptism for their religion). My mother-in-law expecting her money, asked the man. He told her that he has been sending money for the past months as payment. He asked his mother to give 5 thousand per month to my mother-in-law, until its paid in full. So this means, the man's mother got all the money for herself (greedy woman!) and that they can't pay for their debt.

This man, no shame I guess, even had the nerve to ask my mom-in-law to cook for the "Handog", their budget only amounting to 2,500 pesos. (FTW!) And not only that. The reason I'm writing this is because of the fact that this man, only 7 months into his singledom, HAS A NEW GF!!! Now, if I was the wife, I'd make sure I throw all his stuff while he's sleeping and pull the other woman's hair til all of it falls off. He said they met a few months ago and that he fell in love, that it was like nothing he ever felt and that he feels she's his SOULMATE!!! Now this man, has no conscience at all. No heart. No shame. No soul!

Naturally, I asked the hubby. (Some insecure feeling came over me knowing that THIS could actually happen) He feels the same way I do, thank God.

TO THIS MAN: I hope you know what you're doing, making your children call the new girl MOMSIE and brainwashing them that this woman looks better than their biological mother. I hope you live a long life while your dead wife haunts you and that woman til you can't take it anymore. I hope you grow a conscience and a soul.

TO THE WIFE : I know I wasn't able to go to your funeral but I truly wish you the happiness you truly deserve together with our Lord. That you may forgive all who's done you wrong and that you continually guide your children and make them not forget who their REAL mother is.

TO MY HUBBY : Thank you for reassuring me of the love you feel -- for me and the kids. Please make sure, that if I leave you in this world, you'll find happiness whatever it takes but never forget me and NEVER tell or make my children forget who I am. Tell them I will always love them and guide them wherever they are and whatever they do. That I am always proud of who they are and who they will become. I say this because you'll never know. (The wife I was talking about was as healthy as a bee and she left us)

TO MYSELF : Dear self, may you always show the love you have for your husband, children and family. Remember that we only borrowed this life from the Creator. And that gifts like children, husband and love from everyone else are gifts we should treasure and cherish while we're still alive.


Copyright radiantbrown 2008.

Music and Me

Ever since I was a child, I've always wanted to sing. I remember my mom recording my singing voice for the first time at 2years old. I think I lost the tape. =(

On my fourth grade in school, I joined Glee Club (yeah, it took me that long before I shared my so-called talents). I don't remember much, other than doing vocal exercises everytime.

The next best thing was when I reached Highschool. Though I did not pass the auditions for Glee Club, I was welcomed by a much better family, The Lit Choir (Liturgical Choir). During voice classification, I remember them saying that I had a wide range but would be more apt for the Alto voice.

Then I joined our Parish choir. There were a lot of groups who sang but were scheduled on different days at different hours. I joined because I had a crush on the keyboardist then. (yeah, guilty!) I had a lot of really good experience with this group. The age range of the members were 14 - 60. The young generation entertained while the "veterans" were the ones in charge of feeding the rest. I had fun while it lasted. Late night rehearsals, inter-parish/inter-city competitions, caroling in December, and so much more.

Then came college. I auditioned for the College of Science Glee Club and got a part. I even remember my audition song. It was You On My Mind by SOS and Nandito Ako, the Lea S. version (they required one english song and one tagalog). Then we had to sing Lupang Hinirang a capella and had to listen to notes and sing them after. This was the best part of college for me. I enjoyed all the ups and downs, the trials and victories, the heartaches and friends I earned.

When I met the hubby (in another college), the singing stopped. I just didn't feel like singing anymore or maybe because there were other things to take care of.

Now, after 10 years, I know I miss my music and all I have is my Magic Sing to belt out my songs with. (I had to beg the hubby to bring me to Raon to buy it a lower price.. LOL)
Copyright radiantbrown 2008.